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Say no to Terror – Stand with Israel Event Postponed


North West Friends Of Israel regrets to announce the postponement of their Say No To Terror – Stand With Israel National Solidarity Event due to cancellation by host venue the Sheridan Suite. Despite accepting the booking in full knowledge of the event purpose and with a cross communal and multi-faith line up of speak- ers all dedicated to achieving peace in the region and opposition to indiscriminate terror wherever perpetrated, the Sheridan Suite have fallen victim to an orches- trated campaign by specific pressure groups whose sole aim is to delegitimise the existence of the State of Israel. In their quest to trample on the core British values of freedom of speech, freedom of peaceful assembly and democracy in general these groups essentially want to ban anything they disagree with.

Sadly, by caving in to this external pressure, the Sheridan Suite has succumbed to gross intimidation and allowed itself to become a target of the antisemitic Boy- cott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement all of which only serves to strengthen our resolve to do everything in our power to oppose their ongoing delegitimisation.

Rather than change venue at short notice therefore, we are delighted to an- nounce that we have decided to re-arrange the date of the event to coincide with the arrival of Mark Regev the new Israeli Ambassador to the UK.

We will be communicating details in due course but promise this event will now be even bigger and better at a secure location and free from those wishing to de- tract from Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle East.


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