Our Mission Statement Is Straight Forward

North West Friends of Israel (NWFOI) is a grassroots organisation that exists to advocate for Israel in North West and beyond and also to fight and expose anti-Semitism in the UK and elsewhere.

We are passionate about Israel’s right to exist as a democracy and to live in peace. We work to counter lies and bias in the media about Israel and to show UK businesses and politicians that as the only pluralistic democracy in the Middle East, boycotting Israel is morally wrong and would harm not just the chance for peace but the lives of its millions of Arab citizens.

We also stand firm against anti-Semitism in our city, region and beyond. Attacking Jewish people for whatever reason is not to be tolerated and we will work to expose anti-Semites wherever they may be and however we legally can. Working with the authorities and elected officials we will, wherever possible, strive to make the UK a safer place for Jewish people.

NWFOI do not and will not tolerate any racism, extremism or Islamaphobia whatsoever from anybody directly associated with our group or within our sphere of influence.