North West Friends of Israel was inspired by the Anti-Israel and Anti-Semitic action targetting “Kedem”, a Jewish owned shop in Manchester selling Israeli beauty products.  The shop was targeted by several groups of protesters who wanted to prevent the shop from trading for no other reason than it was selling products sourced from Israel.

Throughout the summer of 2014 Kedem became the focal point for anti-Israel/anti-Semetic demonstrators and pro-Israel/Jewish counter demonstrators with clashes taking place on an almost daily basis.  For several weekends in a row the shops and businesses surrounding Kedem on lower King Street (one of Manchester’s premier shopping streets) were forced to close due to the demonstrators.

The North West Friends of Israel was created by a group of committed individuals who were active in their defence of the shop, Israeli products and being proud of their Jewish heritage.

The group has been set up as place to bring pro-Israel activists together and as a tool to coordinate activity in support of, and to advocate for, Israel, fight BDS and expose anti Semitism.